Thursday, August 21, 2008

Most Sexy 2008 Cosplay

Presenting the most sexy (sexiest) cosplays of AnimeIowa 2008!

Here are numbers 8 through 4:

#3. The third most sexy cosplay we captured.

#2. Sexy Ninja Cosplay - Our second most sexy cosplay from AI. This is one ninja that I wouldn't mind stalking me, lol.

#1. Most Sexy Cosplay - This is the sexiest cosplay picture we captured! The position, the look, everything is perfect about it - and it was not even posed. This was captured completely randomly and by chance.

And, here are a couple of sexy guys for the ladies reading. There's vash, and there's also some Yaoi.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Contests for 2008

Well, I have dozens of ideas for picture contests in 2008. In essence, though, it will all depend on what pictures I have. If I have enough pictures for a specific topic, I can make a contest on it! Ideas include:

  • Best Final Fantasy Cosplay (excluding me)

  • Best KH Cosplay

  • Best Naruto Cosplay

  • Best Trigun Cosplay

  • Best Room Party Photos

  • Top overall creativity

  • Most overused costume

  • Top 5 'Who the heck is that supposed to be?'

If you have more ideas, tell me. I don't have any prizes for this, but if you're a company and you'd like to contribute some feel free to contact me. I'll give you free banner ads here if you want.